Working Papers

"The Nature of Firm Growth", with Petr Sedlacek and Vincent Sterk, September 2018 (under review) [NBER MP Slides} [CEPR]

"Demographic Origins of the Startup Deficit", with Fatih Karahan and Aysegul Sahin, May 2018 [EF&G Slides] [LSE]

"The Welfare Costs of (Dis)inflation" with Hannah Herman, July 2018.


"Grown-up Business Cycles", with Aysegul Sahin, February 2018.

Forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies

Published version | Online appendix | Replication files | New York Fed Staff Report 707

"Comment on `Structural Transformation and the Rise of Information Technology' by Gallipoli and Makridis", January 2018.

Journal of Monetary Economics, August 2018

Published version | Replication files

"Older and Slower: The Startup Deficit's Lasting Impact on Productivity Growth", with Titan Alon, David Berger and Rob Dent.

Journal of Monetary Economics, January 2018

NBER Working Paper w23875

"Do Job to Job Transitions Drive Wage Growth over the Business Cycle" with Fatih Karahan, Ryan Michaels, Aysegul Sahin and Rachel Schuh

American Economic Review: P&P, May 2017

Online appendix | Replication files

"The Role of Startups in Structural Transformation", with Rob Dent, Fatih Karahan and Aysegul Sahin

American Economic Review, P&P, May 2016

Online appendix | Replication files | New York Fed Staff Report 762

"Wealth, Tastes and Entrepreneurship", with Erik Hurst

Chapter in Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses: Current Knowledge and Challenges, 2017

NBER Working Paper w21644

"Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms: Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self-Employed", with Erik Hurst and Geng Li

Review of Economics and Statistics, March 2014

Online appendix | Replication files | NBER Working Paper w16527

"What do Small Businesses Do?", with Erik Hurst

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2011

Replication files | NBER Working Paper w17041

"The Mistake of 1937: A General Equilibrium Analysis" with Gauti Eggertsson

Monetary and Economic Studies, Dec 2006

Research in Progress

  • "Taxes, Private Equity and Evolution of Income Inequality in the U.S." with Sebastian Dyrda [preliminary draft] [EM3C Slides]
  • Liquidity Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions: Evidence from Consumer Credit Data with Fatih Karahan and Kurt Mitman

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